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In accordance with the Government’s policy on remote working during the current health crisis, our premises are currently closed and our staff are working remotely. You can contact the relevant sections of the Department by email at the addresses below.

If you are not sure to which email address your query should be sent, please email it to and we will forward it to the appropriate office.


Business Unit / Topic Email Address
Built Environment Advisory Unit
Housing Policy
Vacant Homes
Rental Market
Traveller Accommodation Unit
Social Housing Capital Investment
Social Housing Current Expenditure Programme (SHCEP)
Capital Advance Leasing Facility (CALF)
Rental Accommodation Scheme (RAS)
Housing Assistance Payment (HAP)
Enhanced Leasing
Local Authority Mortgage to Rent (LAMTR)
Mortgage to Rent
Repair and Leasing
Serviced Sites Funds
Local Infrastructure Housing Activation Fund (LIHAF)
Private House Grants
Mortgage Allowance Scheme
Thatching Grant Scheme
Defective Concrete Block Grant Scheme (Pyrite/Mica)
Other Topics

Local Government

Business Unit / Topic Email Address
Local Government Finance
State Boards
Local Government HR
Local Government Governance and Elected Members
Local Government Structures and Modernisation


Business Unit / Topic Email Address
Electoral Registration Project

Heritage - Built Heritage

Business Unit / Topic Email Address
National Inventory of Architectural Heritage (NIAH) surveys
National Vernacular Strategy
National Policy on Architecture
Architectural Heritage queries in respect of Planning
Climate Change Adaptation plan
General Queries
Historic Structures Fund
Investment Scheme
Historic Towns Initiative
Heritage Ireland 2030

Heritage - National Monuments

Business Unit / Topic Email Address

Heritage - National Parks and Wildlife Service

Business Unit / Topic Email Address
General Queries
Parks & Reserves
Property Management
Science & Biodiversity

Heritage - Other

Business Unit / Topic Email Address
Peatland Council
Peatlands Management Unit
Site Protection Unit
Waterways Ireland
Wildlife Licensing Unit – Licences queries
World Heritage sites – Queries


Business Unit /Topic Email Addresses
Urban Regeneration & Development Fund
National Regional Planning Policy
EU & International Planning Regulation
Planning Governance and Oversight
Planning Policy & Legislation


Business Unit / Topic Email Addresses
Marine Spatial Planning
Marine Legislation
Marine Water Environment


Business Unit / Topic Email Address
Rural Water Unit
Developer Provided Water Infrastructure Programme
Water Advisory Unit
Water Sector Finance & Policy

Oversight Bodies

Business Unit / Topic Email Address
National Oversight, Local Government and Water
National Oversight & Audit Commission
Water Advisory Body

ERDF Monitoring & Audit

Business Unit / Topic Email Address
ERDF Monitoring & Audit Unit

Statistics and Data Analytics

Busines Unit / Topic Email Address
Statistics and Data Analytics


Business Unit  / Topic Email Address
Press Office
Quality Customer Service


Business Unit / Topic Email Address
Human Resources
Internal Audit