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COVID-19 Related Queries System for TDs

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis the Oireachtas Business Committee agreed to the temporary suspension of Parliamentary Questions and the implementation of a new email based queries system to allow TDs to submit COVID-19-related queries .

TDs submit COVID-19-related queries to Government Departments via a dedicated email address ( on a weekly basis. The Questions Office in the Oireachtas then forwards these Queries to the relevant Government Department for reply within 4 working days.

Replies from Departments to general queries that relate to matters of policy are emailed to all TDs; however, where a query involves an individual case or personal details, a reply will only be issued to the TD who raised the Query.

The COVID-19 queries from TDs which were answered on 11 May 2020 are the final such queries, as Parliamentary Questions resumed on 13 May, 2020.