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Met Éireann

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Met Éireann is the Irish National Meteorological Service.

It is the leading provider of weather information and related services for Ireland.It's mission is to meet the national requirement for high-quality weather forecasts and associated services, with optimum efficiency and value for money.

The National Meteorological Service

  • helps to ensure the protection and safety of life and property by issuing public weather forecasts and warnings
  • contributes effectively to national prosperity and to Government objectives by supplying relevant meteorological services to all sectors of the economy
  • ensures customer satisfaction by continually improving the range and quality of our forecasts, the cost-effectiveness of our operations and our overall standard of service
  • fosters a professional and supportive work environment which attracts, retains and develops committed employees
  • ensures the maintenance of a high-quality and cost-effective meteorological infrastructure, consistent with national requirements and resources
  • meets the State's obligations to provide meteorological services to the Aviation sector
  • enhances the quality of our climatological archives and provide easy and effective access to our databases
  • participates in the on-going development of meteorological science and its applications in collaboration with our European partners and with the wider international community
  • contributes to the effective monitoring and good management of the natural environment.

Further information is available on the Met Éireann website (external link)

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