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Building Regulations

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The aim of the building regulations is to provide for the safety and welfare of people in and about buildings.  The building regulations apply to the design and construction of a new building (including a dwelling) or an extension to an existing building.  The minimum performance requirements that a building must achieve are set out in the second schedule to the building regulations.  These requirements are set out in 12 parts (classified as Parts A to M) as follows: -

Part A – Structure

Part B - Fire Safety

Part B - Fire Safety 2017 Volume 2 Dwelling Houses

Part C - Site Preparation and Resistance to Moisture

Part D - Materials and Workmanship

Part E – Sound

Part F – Ventilation

Part G – Hygiene

Part H - Drainage and Waste Water Disposal

Part J - Heat Producing Appliances

Part K - Stairways, Ladders, Ramps and Guards

Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Energy - Dwellings

Part L - Conservation of Fuel and Energy- Buildings other than Dwellings

Part M - Access and Use

The third schedule lists the types of buildings that are exempted from the Building Regulations.

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