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Public Consultation - Call for Proposals- Acceptable Construction Details

Limiting Thermal Bridging and Air Infiltration Acceptable Construction Details

This deadline has been extended to the 21st May.

The revised Part L of the Building Regulations tightened the requirements for energy use and CO2 emissions by 40% compared with existing requirements. The revised TGD L sets out measures appropriate to satisfying the revised Regulations, including specifying targets for limiting heat loss through thermal bridging and for limiting the air permeability of the building envelope.

With regard to thermal bridging, specific targets were set for the linear thermal transmittance of typical junctions in constructions (Table D1, Appendix D) and specific targets for air permeability of the building envelope (Paragraph

One approach to making reasonable provision with regard to limitation of thermal bridging is the adoption of details that are similar to, or demonstrated as equivalent to, generic details that have been assessed as limiting thermal bridging to an equivalent level to that set out in Table D1 of Appendix D. A set of such details for typical constructions is currently being developed in consultation with relevant construction industry organizations. This document will be largely based on the UK Accredited details document.

The Department hereby invites submissions of generic construction details, that have widespread application, peculiar to the Irish construction industry that are not included in the UK Accredited details document available at (link is external)  for considered inclusion in the first elaboration of the Irish publication ”Limiting Thermal Bridging and Air Infiltration  - Acceptable Construction Details”.

Part L Regulations Amended in 2007

The Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government has signed new Regulations to amend Part L of the Building Regulations to set higher thermal performance standards with the aim of achieving at lease a 40% reduction in energy use and related CO2 emissions in new dwellings.

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