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Local Property Tax

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An annual self-assessed Local Property Tax (LPT) charged on the market value of all residential properties in the State came into effect with the passing of the (Local Property Tax) Act 2012. It is being administered by the Revenue Commissioners. A half-year charge was applied in 2013 and full year charges apply from 2014 onwards.

What should you do?

Contact Revenue at 1890 200 255

(Note that the rates charged for the use of 1890 (LoCall) numbers may vary among different service providers)

Phone: 1890 200 255 (ROI only), +353 (0)1 702 3049 (From outside ROI)


Details regarding collection level levels and compliance rates are available from the Revenue Commissioners.

Exemptions for unfinished housing estates

Properties in unfinished housing estates, specified by the Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government in the Finance (Local Property Tax) Regulations (S.I. No. 91 of 2013)  are exempt from the LPT.

To claim an exemption you must complete your LPT Return to the Revenue Commissioners and indicate the exemption condition you satisfy.

Exemptions for significant pyritic damage

The Finance (Local Property Tax) Act 2012 (as amended) provides for a temporary exemption of at least six consecutive years from the local property tax for certain residential properties where:

•           a certificate of damage has been completed;

•           a dwelling has been accepted into the pyrite remediation scheme;

•           an insurance company has remediated a dwelling; and

•           the builder / developer has remediated the dwelling.

 Frequently asked questions on the LPT pyrite exemption.

What does Local Property Tax fund?

From 2014, the Finance (Local Property Tax) Acts require the Minister for Finance to pay an amount equivalent to the Local Property Tax (LPT) that was collected, including any interest paid during the year, from the Central Fund into the Local Government Fund.

Local Property Tax allocations paid from the Local Government Fund help fund essential local services such as, public parks; libraries; open spaces and leisure amenities; planning and development; fire and emergency services; maintenance and cleaning of streets and street lighting – all benefitting citizens directly.

In accordance with Government decisions, 80% of LPT is retained locally to fund vital public services. The remaining 20% is re-distributed to provide additional funding to certain local authorities that have lower property tax bases due to the variance in property values across the State.

LPT allocations and local variation decisions

Effective from 1 July 2014, local authorities may vary the rate of Local Property Tax (LPT) in their administrative area for the following year by up to 15% of the basic rate of the Tax. The decision to vary must be taken by resolution of the Council and must be notified to the Revenue Commissioners by 30 September in order to apply for the following year.

Local Property Tax allocations including local adjustment factor variation decisions

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