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Private housing market statistics

This page deals with the additional housing market activity. You can also access data on activity under various social housing schemes.

Private rented inspections

Inspections of private rented accommodation are carried out by local authorities. Since 2005 data on the occurrence of these inspections are collected and published annually.

House construction cost index

This Index monitors labour costs in the construction industry and the cost of building materials. The Department published this index based on data estimated and provided by Dublin City Council. Dublin City Council are currently undertaking a review of these calculations and the publication of the index is suspended until the outcome of that review is known. For further information on construction costs, please refer to the CSO’s Capital Goods Price Index for Building and Construction Materials

Supply of housing land

Data on the volume of land which was zoned residential and was serviced was undertaken over the years 2000-2012.

This has been replaced by the Residential Land Availability Survey. Further information is available.

Housing stock

An estimate of the current housing stock is maintained by the DECLG. It is updated annually.