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The Department developed as a valuable information resource in collaboration with all of the Planning Authorities across Ireland. Its aim is to make a wide range of spatial information related to the planning process available to all.

We have compiled information such as census data, heritage sites, patterns of housing development etc. from various sources. This information can be viewed and compared through a mapviewer, which also includes links to other organisations and related information.

Visit the Myplan website for further information and to access the mapviewer.


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Data Protection

The Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage requires customers to provide certain personal data in order to carry out our legislative and administrative functions. The Department will treat all information and personal data that you provide as confidential, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection legislation. Personal data may be exchanged with other Government Departments, local authorities, agencies under the aegis of the Department, or other public bodies, in certain circumstances where this is provided for by law. 

The Department's Data Protection Policy and Privacy Statements, which set out how we will use your personal data, as well as providing information regarding your rights as a data subject, are available on the Department’s website.  They are also available in hard copy upon request from the Data Protection Officer, Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage, Newtown Road, Wexford, email