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Public Consultation - Planning Exemptions for Renewable Technologies

Following on from the introduction of exemptions from planning permission requirements for certain micro-renewable energy technologies in the domestic sector in February 2007, the Department further reviewed existing provisions with a view to facilitating increased usage of renewable energy in the industrial, agricultural, and commercial sectors, and in public buildings, including schools and hospitals. Arising out of the review, a “Consultation Paper on proposed planning exemptions for Renewable Energy Technologies” was prepared containing proposals for exemptions for wind turbines, combined heat and power (CHP) plants, solar panels and biomass boiler units, subject to certain conditions, across each of the sectors. 

The 3-month consultation process was carried out between Oct 2007 and Jan 2008 to obtain the views of interested parties. Period for receipt of submissions is now closed but any queries in relation can be raised with either Goretti Reynolds at +353 (0)1.888 2895, email or Fergus Doyle at +353 (0)1.888 2823, email

Planning Exemptions for Renewable Technologies - Consultation Paper (pdf), 1,883kb)


Status History

Status - Closed