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National Marine Planning Framework Stakeholder Advisory Group

An Advisory Group has been established to facilitate participation in the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) process by all relevant stakeholders from the economic, environmental and social pillars. The purpose of the Advisory Group is to harness the potential and capacity of a broad range of sectors including representation from the public sector, business, environmental, social and knowledge based sectors to guide strategic thinking and decision-making in the preparation of marine spatial plans. The Advisory Group also informs the work of the Inter Departmental MSP Group and provides updates, reports or recommendations as required.

On the basis of their relevance to the plan-making process, stakeholder organisations were invited by the Minister to make nominations to the group. Nomination of representatives was a matter for each body concerned and neither the Minister nor the Department had any role in their selection. Each member participates in the group as a representative of their organisation or sector and does not attend in a personal capacity.

The intention is that marine spatial plans should be strategic, concise and informed by effective public and stakeholder participation to ensure buy-in with regard to implementation. Therefore, a core objective of the MSP process is to ensure that, as well as the wider public, all relevant stakeholders are consulted and encouraged to contribute to the process of plan preparation. Participation processes are designed and structured to ensure meaningful, informed and timely engagement with the plan-making process.

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