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Ireland's planning processes

From a house extension to a Strategic Development Zone, our planning process is largely summed up by the Planning and Development Act and by the Planning and Development Regulations. These pieces of legislation bring most of Ireland’s planning processes together. They set out:

  • The procedures for applying for and obtaining planning permission
  • They define those types of development which are exempt from the planning process
  • The special requirements for protected structures, conservation areas and areas of special planning control
  • They set out the development plan process, at local and regional level
  • They give a structure to planning and development contribution fees
  • They establish and govern the operation of An Bord Pleanála, Ireland’s planning appeals body

A range of other legislation underpins the Irish planning system and can be found on our Legislation page.

In order to help make Ireland’s planning process more understandable and to help with its implementation, we have also produced a range of Guidelines, Leaflets and Circulars.