We aim to protect and improve water resources in Ireland. We do this by implementing national and European policy regarding water services and water quality. Having good, secure water supplies, comprehensive wastewater services and clean waters are vital for protecting public health, supporting economic growth and preserving our environment.

Public Drinking Water and Wastewater Services

Public drinking water and wastewater services

Eighty-two percent of people in Ireland get their drinking water from Irish Water. Irish Water also provide about two-thirds of households with wastewater services.

Water protection

Water protection

We protect and improve Ireland's water resources through the implementation of EU and national legislation.

Private drinking water supplies and wastewater services

Private drinking water supplies and wastewater services

Twelve per cent of people in Ireland receive their drinking water supplies from private wells and small private supplies. Six per cent of people receive drinking water from group water schemes, which are run by local communities. Thirty-four per cent of households use septic tanks or other domestic wastewater treatment systems.

Marine Waters

Marine waters

                                                  Good environmental status in the marine environment means that the seas are clean, healthy and productive, and that human use of the marine environment is sustainable.