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Public Consultation - Marine Strategy Framework Directive Article 11 Monitoring

Article 11 of the MSFD requires Member States to establish and implement coordinated monitoring programmes for the on-going assessment of the environmental status of marine waters in the context of the targets and indicators laid out in the initial assessment phase. The monitoring programme was reported to the EU Commission in April 2015 in the form of a pdf document.

In the context of preparing this programme, in July 2014 the DECLG compiled an Article 11 Monitoring Programme Public Consultation report outlining the elements being considered by Ireland for inclusion in the MSFD Monitoring Programmes. The report included updates in relation to further development work associated with targets and indicators since the Initial Assessment.

On the 24th July 2014, the DECLG launched a Public Consultation process on the Article 11 Monitoring Programme. Interested parties were invited to submit written comments on the Article 11 Monitoring Programme Public Consultation report to a dedicated email address:, or via the Replies Template provided on the website. The consultation process ran for a period of 7 weeks ending on the 12th September 2014.

Overview of Submissions Received

A total of 12 submissions were received from stakeholders including Government Departments and Agencies, environmental Non-Governmental Organisations, maritime sector organisations and academics

The Context Within Which Responses Are Provided

The main aim of this Public Consultation was to facilitate stakeholder engagement on the establishment and implementation of monitoring programmes in support of the on-going assessment of the environmental status of Ireland’s marine waters. The received submissions embraced a wide range of issues, comments and suggestions of relevance to the proposed monitoring programmes and these are addressed in the responses set out in the following sections.

A small number of submissions, however, fell outside of the remit of the current consultation, most commonly because they related to the previous phase (the Initial Assessment), a future phase (the Programme of Measures), or because they could not be interpreted in the context of marine monitoring. In these cases no formal response has been attempted but, where appropriate, each comment will be passed to relevant authorities for consideration as part of the on-going and future development and implementation processes of the MSFD.


Status History

Status - Closed
Thursday, July 24, 2014
Friday, September 12, 2014